Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove

Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove 2017 reviews suggest good tea kettle for gas stove by high quality, cheap, brands, convenience.

Kettles have been one of the most popular items of all time. They are considered one of the most convenient tools for home cooks to boil water. Kettles for gas stove are even more famous because they were one of the original ones.

However, not many people know where kettles come from and what features make them a recommended item for everyone. In this review today, I will show you the reason why you should use a kettle for gas stove and which ones have the best quality.

Brief History Of Kettles

Mesopotamia, or more known as the regions from the eastern area of Syria to Iran-Iraq borders nowadays, was the first place people use kettles. However, they were not used for cooking as we imagined.

Kettles were made from earthenware and used as a decoration in the kitchen. Time after time, those decorations became suitable containers for cooks and more widely used. Kettles for gas stove or stovetop kettles, in the contemporary world, are made to serve numerous purposes, such boiling water, making tea or coffee.


Making tea is perhaps the most popular one because tea is one of the best beverages for health. It contains gallotannin and flavonoide, which help anti-aging and prevent neuron degeneration. Risks of cerebral vascular accident and coronary are also reduced if you take a cup of tea every day.

And using kettles for gas stove to make tea will give you the best taste and keep all of the nutrients. That is one of the reasons why stovetop kettles are still a popular item to many people.

5 Of The Best Tea Kettles For Your Gas Stove

Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove Reviews in 2017

Chef's Secret KTTKC Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom, Mirror Finish

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When I first saw this product, my impression was that it had the most appropriate size for my kitchen. I immediately imagined how much convenient it would be to my gas stove.

Strengths: If you are a fan of shiny objects, you definitely will be interested in this one. It has glisten, which you will see that if you put it under the sun. Its size is not too big and not too small, and the base also has a nice size. So it won’t slip out of your kitchen while heating. The handle is riveted, which will protect your fingers from being burned.

And the most beautiful thing about this product is that it can boil not only water but also other drinks and foods, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or soup. When I had my first born, this product was completely my lifesaver.

Heating up the soup with a stovetop kettle can always keep the nutrients better than a microwave. Therefore, it saved me so much time and contributed to preserving my baby’s health. If you are having or about to have a baby, Chef's Secret will be an excellent choice.

Weaknesses: Although this product is convenient, some of its disadvantages still made me decide to get rid of it after a year of using. The primary one is that its capsule bottom started melting while being heated.

The capsule was said to be made of copper, but I thought that it was aluminum or a compound of metal because its color looked like bright silver when it is melted. Therefore, when you find out that it is melting, please don’t rush to lift it up since the metal might fall on your feet and burn you. If it falls on the ground, it will stain your floor. Just turn off the gas and wait until the metal cools.

MIRA Pour Over Kettle for Coffee and Tea, Works on Regular and Induction Stoves, 40 oz, Stainless Steel

Best Digital Hygrometer 2017

I thought the style and shape of this kettle were funny. However, it turned out to be a terrific tool whenever I have guests or friends come by.

Strengths: I described it as funny because it has a thin and long spout, which looks like an elephant. But that feature will help you control the amount of water better when pouring.

Providing a slow and precise flow, with the exact proportion, it can become the best coffee maker when you have your friends or guests come by. And its long spout is also very convenient when you need to pour water into little mouths, such as a thermos or a bottle.

Besides, this kettle has a capacity of about thirty-three ounces of liquid, which is quite large and enough for at least two four cups of coffee. So you can feel free to enjoy coffee with your friends.

Weaknesses: One problem with this product is the handle, which can be fall out anytime. I experienced it at one time while I was making tea in the morning. The handle fell out, and the pot was dropped on the floor. I was lucky enough not to get burned.

However, it was such a frightening experience, and I threw the kettle away right after that. So before buying this product, you should check the handle to see if it is properly sustainable to assure your safety.

Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle, Capri Turquoise

Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle, Capri Turquoise

This product is the most beautiful one among all of the kettles that are introduced in my Best tea kettle for gas stove review today. I love its design and color.

Strengths: This one has a more sustainable handle than the last one. In fact, it is what I like best about this product. The round shape of the handle makes it even easier to hold and complete the kettle design. Moreover, its handle is ultimately separated from the heat, so you won’t have to worry about being burned.

Besides, the whole pot has a modern shape and variable options of colors for you to choose. I chose the blue one because it matched to the color of my kitchen and other appliances. And there are green, black, red, and so on. You can choose the one you prefer. My kitchen looks so lifelike when I put this kettle on the gas stove. I feel just like coming back to the typical times of the 80s.

Weaknesses: In contrast to the last one, the problem with this product lies in its spout. It was quite short and sometimes made water flow outward the cup as I poured. Moreover, its lid started melting after a few months using.

I did not know what material it was made from, but obviously, a good one will not melt. And after having troubles with the lid, the whistle also stopped working, which made me quite annoying at first. Without the whistle, I had to notice the time when water is boiled. It was quite more stressful.

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle, Palm

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle, Palm

After using entirely different low and medium-priced kettles but not so durable, I decided to pay a little more to have a decent product. And this one can be classified as the most durable one.

Strengths: The information I read about this product and its real quality are quite similar, so I was quite pleased when touching the capsule. You can feel how firm the steel construction is when holding the handle and lift it whole pot up.

This kettle heats up the water incredibly fast as well, so you won’t have to wait for long like other products. The spout is also long enough for the water not to flow out.

And unlike previous kettles, this product’s handle is far from the pot, so it reduces risks of being burned much better. Besides, it is very easy to clean. You only have to clean on the outside because there is not rust on the inside. I am still using it now, and it has almost been nearly seven years. How surprising!

Weaknesses: If there is any trouble in this product, I think it is its size. It is quite small, and the capacity is only sufficient for about three cups of water. And it whistle is slightly quiet, so I still have to be aware a little when putting it on the gas stove.

But I think these are tradeoffs. A small-sized kettle will be able to heat the water up much faster than a big one. And since it makes a lower sound, more heat will be kept inside the pot.

Plenty people think that it is hard to clean, but as I said, it is easy to me. You can use soap or a little baking soda powder on it. It will be shiny as new.

KitchenAid KTEN20CBKL 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Sunkissed Lime

KitchenAid KTEN20CBKL 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Sunkissed Lime

I bought this one for my mother when I moved to my new house. It looked so cute.

Strengths: What I like best about this product is that it works outstandingly on a flat top surface. It will make the kettle absorb heat much better. Its handle is also different with a C shape, which makes it more flexible to adjust while you pour the water.

Furthermore, it is flat on the bottom, so you won’t have to worry about scratches that it might make while being moved. And its capsule is durable as well. You will be amazed since it still looks so new after a long time using.

Weaknesses: One useless feature of this kettle is that the hood is not heat-resistant, so you will easily be burned if touching the heat accidentally. And its whistle is too loud. I remember my dog was so startled when hearing the sound that he broke my husband’s vases collection. Therefore, this kettle won’t be a splendid idea if you want to buy it as a gift to your parents or old folks.

These are five best tea kettles for gas stove that I had chances to use. Generally, they were all terrific products and worth my money.

Why We Should Use Tea Kettles For Gas Stove Over Electric Kettles

Stovetop Kettles Are Always Cleaner!

One obvious disadvantage of electric kettles is that you have to clean them more often and specific than kettles for gas stove. The reason is to prevent the heating part from being damaged.

If you don’t clean them as a routine, the mineral substances may deposit and stick to the bottom inside of them, which will be remarkably harmful to you and your family’s health. This problem can never happen with stovetop kettles since they have a different core from electrics ones and they require less cleaning.

And They Are Way More Efficient.

Kettles for gas stove can be used anywhere even without electricity, while electric ones cannot. Therefore, they will be an optimal choice if you and your family go on a camping holiday or a road trip and the power is completely cut.

Besides, they are the most convenient item for people who have various appliances in their house. Just ask yourself how you could boil water with an electric kettle when all of the sockets are plugged. A stovetop kettle can be your lifesaver in these situations.

And the major point is that natural gas is more efficient in heat transmission than electricity according to research by They conducted an experiment to compare how much energy that an electric kettle, stovetop kettle, and a microwave needed to boil water.

The result showed that although electric kettles were cheap, they might not have a lower price to run than a gas stove. And natural gas is cheaper than electricity by up to 30 percent.

The Wonderful Sound They Make.

Another reason when people decide to buy kettles for gas stove is its sound. I am a typical person who loves hearing the whistle that they make every time water is ready. Because I usually had to stay at home alone when I was little, it made me feel more assured when there was that sound in the house. And that feeling had not been changed until now.

Therefore, kettles for gas stove still have their advantages and attraction to buyers. However, tons of stovetop kettles are being sold on the market. And all of them are advertised as terrific and high-quality.

So how can you choose the best one for yourself? I have summed up all of my experiences when using different types of kettles in this Best tea kettle for gas stove review. Just check their names and see if they are suitable for you.


Those are all of my experiences when using kettles that I would love to mention in this Best tea kettle for gas stove. I hope you will make your best decision after reading it. Thank you and see you in the subsequent reviews.

Hope you find my buying guide helpful. Thank for reading!

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  • Lose The Pooch Workout
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