Why Snoring is a Real Problem in Your Life, and How To Overcome It

Snoring is common; everyone knows more than a dozen people who snore. This condition can affect anyone, though it is known to occur more frequently in men, and obese people. The worst part is that snoring tends to worsen as a person ages.

Occasional snoring isn’t much of a problem, however, continued snoring can not only disrupt your sleep, it is also a major sleep disrupter for your partner. Habitual snorers need medical attention, and continued adoption of self care practices to keep the ravages of this problem at bay.

The Most Common Known Causes of Snoring

Snoring occurs when the airway between the mouth and nose is congested, leaving little space for air to escape the body. This congestion is caused by factors such as sinus infections. Nose deformities, nasal polyps, abnormal amount of relaxation in the throat and tongue muscles, etc.

Obese individuals also have excess fat deposit on their throat, which causes nasal airway congestion. Children with adenoids and tonsils are also prone to snore. In some individuals, the dangling tissue at the back of the mouth (called uvula) is abnormally long, causing the opening from the nose to throat becoming narrower than normal, in turn leading to airway obstruction.

Snoring Could Escalate Into Grave Health Risks – Here’s Vital Information

Individuals who snore regularly are exposed to significant health threats, most prominently an ailment called obstructive sleep apnea, which in turn causes problems such as:

  • Interruption of regular breathing, which could last for a few seconds and can event extent to more than a minute.
  • Total obstruction of the airway, causing choking.
  • Frequent sleep interruptions, without the snorer realizing it.
  • Severe reduction in the quality of sleep, which causes a lingering sense of fatigue on the subsequent day.
  • High blood pressure, and other cardiovascular health threats.
  • Increased exposure to threat of heart attack and stoke.

Apart from these problems, snoring slowly eats away at the peace of mind you’re supposed to enjoy at night while sleeping. It even disrupts the sleep pattern of your partner, and is a known cause of bitterness in relationships. Your efficiency takes a dip, because of the sense of unease and drowsiness that overpowers you after a night of frequent snoring.

Don’t you already have enough to worry about? Financial volatility all around, competition at the workplace, diminishing quality of air and water because of pollution, rising costs of living – it’s not an easy life, that of a human. Snoring need not add on to your list of problems. Thankfully, there are several home remedies, easy to use anti snoring aids, and medical procedures that help you mitigate and overcome snoring.

Easy, Effective, and Dependable Anti Snoring Solutions

Alter your sleeping posture: Elevating your head by 3 to 4 inches pushes your jaw and tongue forward, preventing snoring. Look for specially designed pillows that help you overcome snoring.

Sleep on your side: Sleeping on your side brings your jaw and tongue in a position that dissuades snoring. A simple remedy – put a tennis ball in your pillow, keep it on your back when you sleep on your side. This way, when you try to take a turn and switch to your back, the ball prevents it, and slowly, changes your habit of sleeping on your back.

Anti snoring mouth pieces: These mouth pieces bring your lower jaw and tongue forward, increasing the size of the airway, and preventing snoring. Though you can easily find one from a dentist or pharmacy, you could even create a mouth piece at home.

Chin straps: Similarly, there are chin straps that keep your mouth closed when you sleep, hence mitigating the snoring problem.

Clear nasal passage: Make it a point to thoroughly clean your nasal passages before sleeping. Rinse sinuses with saline if you have a stuffy nose. Use a nasal decongestant, neti pot, or nasal strips to breathe more easily when you're asleep. Get rid of dust and pet dander from your bed, to keep nasal allergies at bay.

Use a humidifier: By keeping the air inside your bedroom moist, you can significantly reduce snoring. A humidifier helps you do so.

Lifestyle Changes to Keep Snoring At Bay

Quit snoring: We know it’s tough; you’ve got to do it. Apart from causing irreparable damage to your liver, smoking also irritates the membrane of the throat and nose, causing snoring.

Adopt better food habits: If you weigh more than what you should (check your BMI to find out), it’s time to work on your food habits. Alcohol consumption causes snoring, so avoid regular drinking. Replace caffeine with healthier options such as organic juices. Adopt healthy diets to shed excess fat. When your throat loses its excess fat deposit, the effective airway passage enlarges, reducing snoring.

Avoid sleeping pills and sedatives: Just like alcohol, these pills relax your throat muscles excessively, obstructing the airway, and causing snoring.

Exercise: Apart from keeping your body in good shape, exercise will tone your throat muscles, increasing the effective airway, and hence helping you reduce snoring.

Have a humble dinner: Eating heavily before dining has been clinically proven as a contributor to snoring. Also, specific items such as dairy products, meats, and soymilk have been proven as promoters of snoring, so, don’t consume them as part of your dinner.

Anti snoring exercises: Here are some reliable exercises to help you specifically counter snoring:

  • Say out the 5 vowel sounds loud for 5 minutes, and repeat thrice a day.
  • Touch the back of your upper front teeth with your tongue, and force it to curl back in your mouth from thereon. Repeat this multiple times.
  • Open your mouth, and move your jaw to the extreme right, and hold it there for a minute. Then move it to extreme left, and repeat.

There you have it - vital information about your snoring condition, explained to you. Now’s the time you acknowledged that it’s a trouble, and do what’s needed to counter it.

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Do 3 sets of each move, performing as many reps (1 second up, 1 second down) as possible until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles you’re working or you can no longer maintain proper form. Rest 15 seconds between sets.

  • The Fat-Burning Workout
  • Lose The Pooch Workout
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